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Panský Dvůr in Lower Počernice is located in the pleasant surroundings of the chateau park in the city district of Lower Počernice, located about 10 km from Prague's Old Town. Lower Počernice became part of the City of Prague in 1974.

The surrounding grounds of Panský dvůr is the largest gastronomical complex in the Czech Republic, with a capazity of 1200 persons. The area offers visitors a vast variety of leisure activities in several distinctive rooms. Each building holds its own charm through their range of original and atmospheric interiors. The Chateu's large garden is home to a natural amphitheatre and a beautiful reservoir which only heightens the magic and beauty of the Panský dvůr grounds.

Come with us and explore the Počernický premises, see the original brewery, ice cellars, malt rooms and the old mill. Enjoy with us the diverse Czech cuisine as well as our delicious Italian specialties. Enjoy a glass of speciality beers from our brewery. For fans of grilled and baked meat specialties, we offer a year round seasonal selection. The scent of homemade baked goods will lure you into our shop which  offers homemade delicacies, and a range of fine wines from our very own wine cellar.


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 History of the manor Court in Lower Pocernice

The first written mention of the village Počernice (not indiscriminate of Upper and Lower) is from the year 1323, from the reign of John of Luxembourg, where the former owner was Zdislav from Počernice and Pruhonice called Kobliha.

In the 14th century the two owners of the headquarters in Počernice become wealthy citizens of Prague, they rebuilt the manor court in the Romanesque style within the medieval fortress tower. In the post- Hussite period the fortress tower was extended into a rectangular palace and was later extended by a gothic church tower.

Following the year 1562, local farmland belonged to the New Town's brewery owner; Matej Hulk from Lower Pocernice. The gothic fortress at that time was converted and extended into a Renaissance chateau. The castle complex was eventually made up of a brewery, a church, a farmyard and a mill.

In the 17th and 18th century the manor mansion served as the summer residence of the owners from the higher feudal orders. The Counts of Colloredo (1644 - 1706) commissioned the reconstruction of Počernický castle, this was done in the Baroque style. In
1751 when Lower Počernice was owned by Baron von Saltz Václav Klement (1720-1755) a new brewery was built. It is reported that the new brewery brewed 278 barrels of beer a year, which accounted for the farm income of 1,112 gold, only the yield from the farm plots was higher.

In 1776 Počernice suffered a major fire. Luckily the castle, mill and brewery were not affected. The following year, counts Sweerts-Šporková built a mansion in
place of the destroyed Chateu. A new, unusually large, baroque courtyard and a new distillery was put in place. It has also expanded through a fruit orchard and ornamental garden that, today is the romantic castle park. The Park is now a protected monument and a popular venue for weddings and other private or corporate events.

In 1855 the farm was bought by Elisabeth von Dercsenyi, she conducted an extensive reconstruction of the Chateu, the church and all the farm buildings. After 1858 the old mill was demolished in the courtyard and a mill pond dam in the English Gothic style was put in its place.

History of the brewery

Beer has been brewed in Lower Pocernice since 1562, when the farm was owned by Matthew Hůlka of Lower Pocernice. the well-known owner of the New Town breweries supplied beer that was sold to other villages, especially to the innkeepers called Urbanovi and their newly established pub Barbara.

The n
ew brewery building in Lower Pocernice was built in 1751 for the then owner Vaclav Klement von Saltz. In 1855 he bought a farm and the dolnopočernický counts of Dercsenyi allowed the local brewery to be expensively modified and extended.

In 1884 it was decided that the brewery had too little production capacity. Given that it could not be appropriately expanded, a new building was built on the site of the former cemetery house. The newest Chronicle to date states that the new brewery was built according to the latest requirements for beer.The beer cellar and cooling drains were made using the most modern materials and techniques. Construction was completed in late April in 1885.
On the 3rd of May of the same year, all new facilities were sanctified and on the 4th of May the brewery was officially launched.

Prior to World War I, during its heyday the brewery produced an average of nine doses per week and supplied 28 pubs in Prague and many others in Počernice. In 1923, however, the estate was sold to the City of Prague. The brewery was eventually closed in 1936.